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Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers10
Live At Picketts Lock 1 & 2
10" Lp
Vinyl - 10" LP
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Dubbel 10"LP
1. Wildest Cat In Town
2. Teddy Boy Rock'n'roll
3. Got A Date With Sally
4. Sadie
5. Long Tall Sally
6. Blue Suede Shoes
7. My Little Teddy Girl
8. Nobody Else Like You
9. Tongue-tied Jill
10. Old Black Joe
11. Teddy Boy Blues
12. Bop, Pretty Baby
13. Caroline
14. Monkey And The Baboon
15. One Hand Loose
16. Big Blonde Baby
17. Whatcha Gonna Do When The Creek Run
18. Alabama Shake
19. Rockabilly Star
20. Hard Rock Cafe
21. Stompin' Shoes
22. She's The One To Blame
23. Saturday Nite
24. Real Gone Lover (aka Nervous Fella)

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