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Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers
Teddy Boy Boogie
CD - Revival Artist A-Ö
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1. Crazy rhythm
2. Hard rock café
3. Why can't we be
4. Cross my heart
5. Going down the road
6. Stompin' shoes
7. Knock knock
8. Waitin' for my baby
9. That's what made me cry
10. Sweet little pretty thing
11. Nobody else like you
12. Gonna leave this town
13. What'cha gonna do
14. Old black Joe
15. Drinkin' wine spo-dee-o-dee
16. That's my house
17. Why don't somebody
18. Saturday night
19. My own way of rockin'
20. Tennessee border
21. Gonna roll gonna rock gonna boogie
22. She's the one to blame
23. Oakie boogie
24. Teddy boy rock'n'roll
25. Bop pretty baby
26. Teddy boy boogie
27. My little sister's got a motorbike
28. Real gone lover
29. Saturday night
30. Flip flop and fly
31. Blues stay away from me
32. New politician
33. Trouble trouble
34. I hear you knockin'
35. Pins and needles in my heart
36. Flight to the USA

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