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Various Artist
A Tribute To Black Knights
1 CD
CD - Revival Various Artist
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ORR 2011-1
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Rockers Of The Round Table 16 page booklet

Track Info:

1 - Snakebite Jack in the box
2 - Foggy Mountain Rockers When my baby came to town
3 - Built For Speed Powder and dynamite
4 - Black Raven I've lost my sunshine
5 - Rebel Ted Rock Henhouse boogie
6 - Ronnie Nightingale & The Haydocks Dark of the moon
7 - Jungle Tigers Rock your baby to sleep
8 - Southern Aces A Swedish boy don't cry
9 - Yann The Corrupted Worried mind
10 - Greased Lightning Nightmares
11 - Wild Rooster Raw rhythm boogie
12 - Crazy Teds Town of rock & Roll
13 - Johnny Knife And His Rippers Whipping boy
14 - Boothill Stompers High school sweethearts
15 - Memphis Here by my lonesome
16 - Backdraft Little ol'beer drinker me
17 - Hard Rollin Daddies Ready for love
18 - Sun Skippers Worn-out beetle crushers
19 - Foggy Mountain Rockers Blue blue (K)night
20 - Yann The Corrupted My Grandma's a teddy girl
21 - Joe Redeye Give me give me
22 - Black Knights Old rock boogie (the first time released on CD)
23 - Black Knights Blue days black nights (the first time released on CD)
24 - Black Knights Get along home Cindy (the first time released on CD)
25 - Black Knights Give me give me (the first time released on CD)
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